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This brand represents our music program in pre-schools. Our talented music specialists visit schools for weekly music classes. Children will learn the  fundamentals of music, as they interact with Instruments from the brass, percussion, string, and woodwind families. Our classes are full of music, dancing, learning, and lots of fun.


Fall Semester | Sept - Dec

Meet the Percussion Family
Bongo, tom-toms, conga, cymbals, rain sticks, egg shakers, maracas, bells, clappers, & dejembe.

Meet the String Family
Ukulele, guitar, violin, banjo, blues box slide, & guitar.

Fall Semester Registration
Spring Semester | Jan - May

Meet the Brass Family
Trumpet, trombone, & french horn.

Sing Out! Let's learn about our voices

Meet the Woodwind Family
Recorder, flute, clarinet, saxophone, piccolo, & oboe.

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Registration begins April 15th 2019

Each week in summer camp music class, children will stamp their passports as they travel to a different country.With crafts and fun facts they will dive deep into the country of the week to learn about it’s music, instruments and culture.